Saturday, March 31, 2007

Top 25 Classic Rock albums picks their Top 25 Classic Rock albums of all time:

Usually I ignore such things, but who am I to argue with their #1 choice?

1. The Who - Quadrophenia (MCA, 1973)
Where Tommy laid out the definitive blueprint for the rock opera, Quadrophenia improved upon it by leaps and bounds. This is, without a question, doubt, or any argument whatsoever, The Who's crowning achievement as a band. Every single song bristles with emotion, both raw and introspective. Pete Townshend's songwriting is at its peak, as is his guitar playing and singing. Roger Daltry steps up to the plate and slams out some searing vocal emotion. Meanwhile both John Entwistle and Keith Moon prove that they were one of the best rhythm duos of their (or anybody's) day. There's no need to list all the songs here, since each and every one is a classic. If you don't own this album it causes one to query "What's wrong with you?" Seriously.


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It is nice to have my personal opinion confirmed.

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